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We know social media marketing. Our team stays on top of changing algorithms and audience responses to improve your brand. We’ve grown the social media presence for businesses that are small, medium, and large. Everyone from a local coffee shop to a national brand has specific needs regarding a social media marketing strategy.

We have a proven success record with our social media experts. Transparency and an open line of communication are qualities we value. We will closely collaborate with you to grasp your business objectives. We will then develop a social media plan that aligns with your requirements and preferences.

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Social Media Management

Running a business is a lot of work, and managing all social media platforms can be overwhelming. It’s just another task on your long list of things to do. You know you should post, but you just don’t have the time, you’ll admit it: the energy! -to create stuff that will truly engage, keep up with trends, and respond to all the comments and messages.

That’s where social media marketing management comes in. At Clicks Savvy, we take the overwhelm out of social media so that you can do what you do best: run your business! Here’s how:

Our Social Media Campaign Management Process

We maintain open communication, keeping you in the know and involved every step of the way. We believe in a collaborative approach, so your input is valuable.

So you’re ready to conquer social media, but maybe you’re wondering what that looks like. We get it! Transparency is critical, so here’s a peek behind the curtain at our collaborative process:

Discovery Call

Let’s chat first thing. First, we will have a phone call to discuss your business, your target audience, and your current social media efforts. We will ask you many questions to understand your identity, ideal clients, and goals for social media. We can do this via phone or video conference call, your choice!

Strategy Session

Based on the discovery call, we’ll create a custom social media strategy that meets you where you are. This includes which platforms are tailor-made for your brand and a content calendar to keep your audience engaged. We consider : Your industry and target audience demographics and Content formats that resonate from platform to platform.

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Content Creation

On this note, our creative minds work together to brainstorm and craft engaging content that upholds your brand voice and echoes well with your target audience. We work closely with you to understand your brand message and create content that reflects your brand’s personality.

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Community Management

Social media is a two-way street! We will manage your social media comments and messages so you can constantly build relationships with your audience. In a timely, professional way, we respond to comments and messages, fostering positive online communities around your brand.

Performance Tracking & Reporting

We shall closely monitor your social media performance and send routine reports to help you see the impact of the campaigns. Some key metrics to track include engagement, reach, and website traffic. This information will help during the setting of new Strategies.

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Constant Optimization

Change is the one constant in the social media landscape. We’ll work with you to optimize your strategy and content for the latest trends and changing goals. We will stay updated on the newest algorithms and best practices for different social media platforms. This will help us continuously improve your social media performance.


Our Range of Social Media Marketing Services

We understand clearly that each company has unique needs for social media. That is why we have bundled various services to help businesses achieve their specific goals and budgets. Here’s an idea of what you may expect from us to unlock social media for you, too:

Having a tough time mining new items to post on your social media feeds? Let us help. Our team of creative geniuses is all there to produce content that will have your audience begging for more. Or we can help you find high-quality posted content from other sources to keep things lively and informative.

Social media is about relationships. That’s why we will be your partner in building up a proper community that surrounds your brand. We will foster real connections by responding to comments and messages, answering questions, and addressing concerns—showing your audience you care about their thoughts and feedback.

But it doesn’t stop at responding. We will jump start conversations with exciting content that creates engagement. We will ask thought-provoking questions that bring about a good level of debate to keep your community active.

Data doesn’t lie; it assists business wells like yours to see what may work on social media and what does not. Each month, you will receive detailed performance reports that include important metrics such as reach, engagement, and website traffic. The data report helps you improve your campaign strategy to achieve your social media goals.

Imagine receiving monthly reports packed with insights, not just numbers. We’ll translate complex data into actionable information, revealing:

  • Reach and Awareness
  • Engagement Levels
  • Website Traffic
  • Campaign Effectiveness

social media is the battleground of brands fighting for attention. But how exactly do you stand out in a crowded arena? You should know what your competitors are doing! Our competitive insights reports offer much more than data about follower count and engagement rates. We dive deep into your competitor’s social media strategies to analyze the content they create, their platforms, and how they engage with their audiences. This intel will arm you with an acquaintance on brand differentiation, the making of a winning social media strategy, and staying ahead of the curve.

Myth vs. Fact: Social Media Marketing for the Real World

Social media marketing gets itself caught up in a stream of ever-changing trends and tactics. But beneath the hype, there are core principles that lead to actual results. Here’s a breakdown of some common myths and the facts we focus on in implementing a winning social media strategy for our clients:

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Why Choose Clicks Savvy as Best Social Media Marketing Company in India



increase in brand awareness on social media, with a significant portion of their new audience coming from younger demographics.



increase in website traffic within three months with a significant number of those leads classified as paying customers.



increase sales increased within a year, thanks to the increased brand awareness and customer engagement generated through social media.


FAQs About Our Social Media Services

We specialize in full-blown social media marketing services, from content creation and account management to analytics and reporting, influencer partnerships, and anything else that might come up. We help increase the online brand presence, engagement with the audience, and subsequently conversion through tailored approaches and strategies.

The number of hours needed for your social media accounts depends on your specific needs and the package chosen. Usually, our team spends 10-15 hours each week on each account for engagement, updates, and monitoring performance.

Communication is vital for us, so we do transparent and regular communication. Therefore, we set up meetings every two weeks to discuss approaches, progress, and further plans. In case of urgent queries, you also get an opportunity to contact our team via messages and emails.

This will be about establishing a solid base in the first 30 days. Today, we will review your social media presence, set goals, and plan out your content calendar. For you, we will also set up or optimize your social media profiles and start posting engaging content. At the end of the first month, you will receive a detailed report on its performance and what to adjust in the next phase.

Our team has experience in various industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, real estate, technology, and more. We understand the specific challenges and opportunities in your industry. This is because we have previously implemented a successful growth and engagement strategy.

We keep abreast of industry trends by attending webinars, workshops, and conferences regularly. The team also follows leading digital marketing publications and online communities. This continuous learning ensures we apply the latest best practices and innovative techniques to your campaigns.

Social media marketing requires patience to see results. You will begin to notice the impact and increased popularity of your brand within 30-60 days of starting your first contract. Better outcomes like more website visitors, potential customers, or purchases typically happen within three to six months. Following a consistent strategy and routine closely tie to these results.

We are most proud of the strong relationships we have built with clients and the measurable successes we have achieved. Our dedication to personalized strategies and squashing expectations has resulted in numerous client success stories and long-term partnerships.

In our early days, we launched a campaign without thoroughly understanding the client’s target audience. The content didn’t resonate, resulting in low engagement. We quickly learned the importance of deep audience insights and adjusted our approach. This experience reinforced our commitment to thorough research and strategy development.

We can use tools like Hootsuite, Canva, Google Analytics, and BuzzSumo to improve our social media marketing. Hootsuite helps with scheduling, Canva with design, Google Analytics with assessment, and BuzzSumo with content research. These tools make us at par in this challenging field and give us high-quality output.

We base our pricing on the potential services offered and the level of support they expect. We tailor several different packages to suit both your budget and individual needs or requirements. Feel free to contact us to get a detailed proposal tailored according to your goals and unique requirements.

We are an independent and agile agency. Our team includes social media experts, content creators, and strategists. They will collaborate with you closely. Their goal is to bring your project to life.

For our brand, we focus on content marketing, SEO, and pointed social media campaigning. We frequently write and share important blog posts. We interact with our followers on social media. We use data-driven strategies to reach more people effectively. As a result, there is more brand visibility, increased engagement, and a steady stream of leads and conversions.

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